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    Drop Down and Calculations

    ParreLaws Level 1

      I have a Drop Down field with three options and what I would like to happen is depending on the option that is chosen the value from a numeric text field is added into one of three total fields. Is there a script of this?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You don't need a script. Just set the value you want as the export value

          for each option in the drop-down and then use the built in "Value is the

          (sum) of fields..."-option in the Calculate tab of your total field,

          selecting the drop-down and any other fields you want to include in the


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            ParreLaws Level 1

            Thank, but this is what I'm looking,  depending on the group that is selected (Principal, Teacher or Student) in the top  table (Jan) the total would calculate splitting the groups out as shown in the bottom table. Thanks again for your assistance


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