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    adobe reader @ win 7 64bit


      whats wrong with you guys? deploying updates without testing and crosschecking? no need to proof before releasing a worldwide desaster?  we are not on a playground out here!  ... but you're right   It is 4 free!     massive Problems with printing and Windows 7 64 Bit in germany. 2k8 r2 works fine, but  printer shares on win 7  64bit clients are brocken, ripping to death. reader closes with print button. both side printing is active in adobe reader as standart- let customers decide to do this!  and all, since the new adobe reader version! uninstall/install old version does not solve the problem.  nothing else then a complete uninstall, including any tinyiest bit in registry will solve your self made malware.  thank you, i will advice to work with jpegs tiffs or foxit reader