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    Best export setting for Final Edit Master with AVCHD


      Hey Guys,


      I have been editing AVCHD footage shot from the Panasonic TM700 cam, footage shot in 1080p 60p.  After I have finished my edits and I want to render out a MASTER film that I can use in multiple fronts if I need, what is the best setting to render out to?


      I have a friend in the compression biz, and he tells me to render out to mpeg2 main concepts codec at 50Mbps setting, your thoughts?  In this setting I cannot render out at 59.94, only 29.97 or 30.  What should I do?



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The best Master will be something lossless, something that doesn't degrade the image any further.  That leaves out all MPEG options.


          You can go Uncompressed, or install the free Lagarith or UT codecs on your system.  They're lossless codecs, so they will compress it to make a smaller file than full Uncompressed, but without any loss of quality.


          From there, you can use that to transcode to any other format you like.