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    Interdependency between the fields of the form?

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      I put a couple of free text fields and immediately next to it (free text field) i have placed a check box, fine. 


      I have a requirement like below with 3 scenarios,


      1) Once the user STARTED filling the data into that free text field, immediately the next check box must either hide or greyed out(readOnly).


      2) If user did not touched that free text field at all, then user is allowed to check the check box, meanig its visible/editable, its normal anywyas.


      3) Say, user started entering the data in free text field, immedtiately the check box got hidden/greyed out......fine...........but, in next second user has changed the mind and wiped off/erased the free text field's filled data and made it into blank back again....in this case, the check box should become visible/editable state (from hideen/greyed out state).


      Preferably, hidden/visible makes more fancy


      Pls. let me know the JavaScript to achieve my requirement and i guess, i need to write that suggetsed JS in CHANGE event, am i correct?


      Actually, i have some drop-down fields also there instaed of free text fields on the form, pls. also provide me the JavaScript for these drop-down type of fields, if code is change from the free text fields.


      Thank you