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    PP CS5.5, DSLR Footage + 1st gen Mac Pro - Anyone using?


      Hey everyone.


      Been trying to find a solid answer to this all day, and everything seems to be hypothetical only.


      I have a 1st gen Mac Pro, and I'm currently using Production Premium CS4. Currently have 8GB of RAM but I could easily upgrade that. I now shoot video with a Canon 5D and 7D. I would really like to start editing native DSLR video, and would like to stick with the Adobe Production suite so I can bounce back and forth between PP and AE easily. However, the 64-bit requirement is where this gets tricky.


      Due to the original Mac Pros being not quite 100% true 64-bit, I am concerned that I may spend $500 on an upgrade that won't work. (Defintiely can't afford a new Mac Pro)  Most answers I've found speculate that there shouldn't be a problem. But I'd like to hear confirmation from anyone actually using a 1st Gen Mac Pro with CS5.5 to edit DSLR footage.


      So, is anyone actually using this setup to edit? And how does it work?


      Thanks for any help!


      - Chris