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    Distiller Options in VBA

    Ken Krugh

      I found another post that allowed me to create a PDF by printing to the Adobe PDF printer, creating a distiller object and distilling the PS file with this simple code:

          Dim AcroDist, PDFName$

          PDFName$ = "W:\005791\Aufiles\TestingPDF"

          Application.ActivePrinter = "Adobe PDF"

          Application.PrintOut outputfilename:=PDFName$ & ".ps"

          Set AcroDist = CreateObject("PdfDistiller.PdfDistiller")

          AcroDist.filetopdf PDFName$ & ".ps", PDFName$ & ".pdf", ""

          Kill PDFName$ & ".log"

          Kill PDFName & ".ps"


      Is there a way to get to the Distiller options? At a minimum I need to check that the "Rely on system fonts only..." and the "View Adobe PDF results" check boxes is off. Ideally I wouldn't mind being able to access the others as well but those two are essential.


      Oh, just had a thought while typing here. Would the SDK have all this info for VBA?