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    ViewActivate event and multitask problem (iOS)



      Somebody can tell me how i can do for avoid re-execution of "viewActivate" event when i press home and return to application (with multiasking option)??


      For example: I have the next view (code) on ViewNavigatorApplication:












                  private var menuAC:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();



                  protected function initView():void


                      //menuAC = new ArrayCollection();  --> This can be a solution, but really i wanna know if exists other one.







      The problem is if i suspend the application (pressing home button) staying on a view and after return to it, the 'viewActivate' event is triggered for these view, and for this example my 'menuAC' is now  a four elements array (with the first and seconds twice).

      Really this is a basically example, i can resolve it creating a new intance on the initView method, but the problem is when i have a lot of sentences than i dont want to re-execute and instanciate again. :s (i can't create a new instances every time).


      Thanks for all and sorry for my little english