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    External links

      Using RHx5, we import multiple Word docs to create WebHelp, which works fine. Now we've done something new, and have created a task navigation chapter in one of the docs that provides see also links to the other docs as needed.

      When both Word docs are imported, then the link properties show that the (now broken) see also link goes to the doc file still on the desktop, instead of to the other imported doc. There are about 100 of these links.

      Somehow, something we did caused the links to work during a test run several months ago. The only thing we might have done differently at that time was to have imported the Word docs from the server, rather than copying them to my desktop where the project is located. We know the answer must lie in relative paths, but haven 't been able to figure it out.

      We don't want to duplicate the imported docs in the baggage file in order to open them with these see also links. As far as we can see, the only fix would be to redo the links after the docs are imported. Is that right?

      Thank you