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    advice on buying CS5 and Acrobat 3D (Mac and/or PC)?


      hi all.


      about to try and take the plunge here and was hoping for some technical advice, purchasing advice (where is the best place to buy, best time to buy etc) etc.


      i believe i need to purchase the CS5 bundle which includes Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.


      i also would really love to get Adobe Acrobat to edit Metadata in pdf's. i am also trying to track down an Acrobat version that will let me insert real time rotatable models.


      does anyone know if there is a package that will include all of the above? is there a best time to buy the CS5 package? is there a best place to buy the package or can i just go to my local Apple Store? etc.


      THANKS for any help


      - Jon