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    Why can't I open files from ACR to CS5?


      I have been using CS5/Bridge/ACR for a year now and all of the sudden, I cannot get the RAW images from ACR into CS5.  I always open my RAW files from Bridge, make my adjustments in ACR, then select all and open images into CS5.  This has always worked just fine, but recently only a random number of images will open, if any at all!


      For example, If I select 10 images to open in CS5, it may be 4 that open, or it could be 8, or it could be 0.  I haven't done anything new to my computer.  I have uninstalled photoshop and reinstalled it twice and that hasn't helped.


      I am so frustrated.  I thought I purchased a quality product (which I have loved until now since I can't even get my files in to use the program!) and am so dissapointed that I can't use it anymore.


      Hopefully someone can help me.  I really want to use photoshop again!