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    Build tag wierdness

    KB in FL Level 1
      We are seeing a strange happening using build tags, and I am not sure why.

      Here is the situation:

      A topic contains steps to a procedure. The procedure appears as such:

      1. Click on File
      Result : Result: The File drop-down menu appears
      2. Hover over New
      Result : Result: The New Fly-out menu appears

      And so on for each step.

      The numbered list was built in RH. Each of the numbered lines ends with a Shift+Enter to enablethe "results" line to come in un-numbered (if that is a word). The first instance of the word Result has a conditional build that excludes it from the on-line version of the product. The second instance of Result is a Pop-up with a graphic that shows the menu. It has a build tag that excludes it from the Printed version.

      When it was built and previewed, it worked as expected. YIPPEE!!!

      After it was saved, and accesses in RH the next day, if we excluded the first instance of Result, the outcome looks like this:

      1. Click on File Result: The File drop-down menu appears
      2. Hover over New Result: The New Fly-out menu appears

      After looking at the wysiwyg, the conditional build tag for the first instance of result has somehow migrated to include the Shift+Enter on the line above it. We removed the build tag, repreviewed it, it worked. We saved the project, tried it again and it failed and the build tag we removed was back.

      What's up with this? Has anyone seen this behavior and, if so, got a work around?


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          MergeThis Level 4
          It's more than likely your use of the soft carriage return; RH is treating the content before it and after it as the same paragraph (which it is). Make a copy of the file and try this:

          1. Remove all build tags.
          2. Replace the Shift+Enter with Enter.
          3. In Truecode, remove the ending </LI> tag from the numbered piece of the paragraph.
          4. Change the <LI...kadov...blah, blah...P> tag for the unnumbered piece to <P>.
          5. Reintroduce the build tags.

          Good luck,