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    What will be Adobe's new HTML5 based development framework (html5 builder?)


      I have a general question about the future of the whole Flex application development tools. Since Adobe anounced to donate this project and concentrate on HTML5:


      http://www.adobe-solutions.de/fileadmin/user_upload/downloadcenter/2011_12_Flash_Zukunft.p df?dl=2011_12_Flash_Zukunft.pdf&fab=M&bra=all&pr=Cre


      i can't really accept to use Edge or the HTML 5 export of the new Flash Prof.


      Does anybody know what will be the Eclipse/Java/HTML5 Framework of Adobe? Can somebody state me to some anouncements or facts. I know that they played around with the falconJS compiler http://tv.adobe.com/watch/flex-community-summit-december-2011/open-discussion-about-falcon -and-falconjs/ for Flex but i never saw any anouncement for a new development framework like Flex based on HTML5. That really makes me unsure of using adobe technologies for ria's in the future.


      Any information or thoughts?


      Thank you