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    Can I embed player skin into file so I don't have 2 swf files when published?

    Cuwen Level 1

      Hi.  I've read a few posts about this, but my question was never really answered.  Is there a way when using Actionscript 3 to embed the video player skin into my document so that when I publish it, everything I need to launch the file onto a website is in one swf?  When I publish it as it is now, 2 swfs appear, one for my file and one for the video player skin.  Can I embed the video player skin so this doesn't happen and I only have to upload the one swf to my website?  Help would be greatly appreciated!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i don't see any easy way to do that.  you might be able to work-around the problem but it would require some advanced flash skills and still may not be doable.

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            Cuwen Level 1

            Okay.  So I'll basically have to make my own play, pause and fullscreen buttons and not use the Flash play skins to be able to keep everything in one swf file, right?  I hate the mentality of just having everything in one swf file, not even having an html file, but that's how my work's website company works.

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              Not everyone who uses Flash video uses the FLVPlayback component (that requires the extra "skin" .swf file).

              I have posted hundred and hundreds of videos on various clients web sites and have never used the component, instead I always use NetStream, a MUCH more powerful and versatile means of displaying Flash video.

              For example.... Home page and other custom players on the site:



              custom player with titles, sections, text narrations, along with videos...

              because NetStream allows for easy interaction with other Flash elements, you can seemlessly build the player into your design, giving the skin much more function than just start/stop buttons.



              A walk-on video with alpha channel that interacts with a second video behind the walk-on



              More about NetStream


              a great set of tutorials to get you started:


              scroll to the very bottom of the page and there are a set of article that show you how to create your own NetStream video player... and you can create whatever type of skin you can imagine or dream up.

              But whether you use just one .swf or two, you still need the actual .flv file besides... so since there will always be more than one file anyway... at least two... what's the fuss?

              Are you also saying that your company's Web site doesn't use html pages? that links go directly to the .swf... and not a Web page holding the .swf? That's almost unheard of! since then the only way anyone could view any .swf files is if they have the actual Flash program installed, rather than using a browser to open and display the .swf.

              Best wishes,


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                Cuwen Level 1

                Thanks kglad.


                And good to see you again adninjastrator.   Thank you for all that information.  My work's website company, I'm assuming, does use html.  But, in order for me to upload anything to the website, they have to code in a box for it.  On the main website, there is an announcement box.  I want to have control over what goes into that box, so they had to code the ability for me to do that.  What they did was give me the ability to put static text in it or upload a single swf file.  That's it.  If I ask them to format it so it can include my Flash Catalyst files or another swf that goes with the main swf, they'll have to code it all again and they'll charge me for it.  This morning they thought it'd be about $1,300, and that's in addition to the $1,400 it already cost for them to code in the ability to upload more than one file.


                What I wanted ideally was a box that rotated different announcements.  I've done that in the past easily with one swf file, but I never had to add video with it.  I didn't know that adding video created another swf file to go with it.  I guess the best thing I can do right now is embed the video into the timeline entirely and have it play like that...  I'm seeing that as the only way I could have one single swf file and nothing else to upload with it.  The company did say that if we didn't want to be charged more, I could talk with the development team and they could tell me how to put everything into a single swf file... but I thought for sure I could figure it out myself without having to embed the video into the timeline.

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                  adninjastrator Level 4

                  Have you ever thought of using an iframe?

                  An iframe lets you stick an HTML Web page from one site into another.

                  So you you create a simple HTML Web page and only have whatever Flash content you want on that single Web page. Of course you do need to find a Web host for that page... but then you just add the iframe code to the "Announcements" box.... you don't upload any files... just the iframe code.

                  Then the only thing in the box (for example) is:

                  <iframe src="http://www.w3schools.com"></iframe>

                  see sample page with that iframe:


                  the rest of the blank page would be the other part of the main Web page... the iframe illustratrates how you could put whatever you want in the "Announcements" box and display it on the main site with NO files uploaded there... just some static text.

                  Sure you need to host the small web page, but $1300 would get you at least 10 yrs worth of hosting!

                  For more on iframe:


                  Another Forum discussion where the main site does not allow some uploads, etc... iframe was the answer (scroll down near bottom for final resolution).


                  Best wishes,



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