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    Full-screen mode is quirky in browser window

      I'm using an example I found on blogs.flexexamples.com to enable full-screen display toggling. It works but exhibits strange behaviors. I can't tell whether it's something in my application or just general Flash/Flex quirkiness with this relatively newer feature. For example, sometimes when going on full-screen mode, I cannot click on any controls or buttons on the screen. However, it's almost as if my actions have been "queued" - for once I right-click on the application and then release, the actions all happen at once!

      At other times, full-screen mode works flawlessly. I can navigate through my Flex app without any problems.

      The one thing I am doing that might be the issue (??) is that I am loading my Flex SWF from a new browser window that does not contain either the status bar, menu bar, or browser tool bar. Thoughts?