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    Adobe Dynamic XML vs Static pdf


      I created a form with LifeCycle Designer ES2, with actions.

      When saved as Adobe Dynamic XML (pdf), it works flawlessly, however the file size is around 1 MB.

      When I save it as Static PDF, the file size is reduced to 195k, but the actions don't work any longer.


      I need the smaller file size because these documents get opened on mobile devices. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds here?

      Either Static PDF with actions working, OR Dynamic XML with a small file size.


      Any help would be appreciated.


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          Srini Dhulipalla Level 5

          1 MB is too big file. Unless you have too many pages and images inside the form, the size should not be that big.

          If you can share the form to LiveCycle9@gmail.com so I can have a look at it.




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            Srini Dhulipalla Level 5

            The issue is with the Fonts used inside the PDF. You have used, Impact, Calibri, Courier New along with native Myriad Pro font.

            Since you have used fonts other than the native one, the form is by default embedding these additional fonts as part of the PDF.


            Probably one of the font is occupying all the size of the PDF.


            You have to change the font to either Myriad Pro or Arial which is light weight. (OR) you can make an image out of the Impact font text ("Notice of Violation" and "Officer's report must be sent to the safety office withing 24 hours !") and use it as an image inside the PDF.


            To remove the Embed Fonts option, goto File -> Form Properties menu -> Save Options tab.


            Below is the form with Embed fonts option UNCHECKED.(54 KB). But the special fonts might not display properly.




            Hope this helps.




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              I.T.Manager Level 1

              Thank you Srini,

              That helped alot. All my forms now work perfectly.


              I was wondering if I could ask you one more question.

              We post a link to these forms on our intranet, and they open in a browser. When we click the submit button, it opens Outlook with the attachment in there.

              The name of the attachment shows like this: Notice%20of%20Violation%20Report.pdf

              If we set the preferences to not open in a browser, then all is fine. The problem with that is whenever we have any updates to reader get installed, it seems to default the setting back to 'open in browser'.


              I'm wondering if you know a way that I can have it open in browser, and retain the proper file name format. If not, do you know to make the preferences stick, even through updates?