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    RH9 Color of Visited Hyperlinks

    namedujour Level 1

      I'm beginning to wonder if my Robohelp went corrupt. I previously posted an issue I have with highlighting colors not staying after I set them. They randomly revert to gray, and I don't know why. I have to keep going back to reset the color, and it usually takes me three or four tries before it sticks. Now I'm having an issue setting the color of visited hyperlinks.


      I know I set the color once and it worked, but now I have to change it and I can't. I have followed the instructions in help, and recompiled, and republished any number of times.  I right click the .css file in the Project Manager and select Edit. I change the color in the Styles dialog. That is the only set of instructions that appears in Adobe help,


      Could there be some hidden control somewhere that overrides this command? Could the culprit be Word? I import my documents from Word. Please advise what you think.