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    Viewing 'deploy to web' folder content on computer

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      Hey everyone.  I have been having this problem for the past few days and finally got an answer from the Adobe help line.  But, adninjastrator helped me a lot, too!  I wanted to post the solution on here for anyone who might have problems with this in the future.


      Basically, I thought I had a glitchy version of Flash Catalyst because I couldn't view my 'deploy to web' folder contents on my computer.  The video I would upload onto it just wouldn't play, like there was no video there, just the videoplayer skin.  Well, apparently you can only view your 'deploy to web' files once you publish everything to a server.  Here's a copy of the thread I had in Flash about this.  Hope it helps people in the future!


      Adobe called me back late afternoon yesterday.  They said that there is no way you can view the 'deploy-to-web' files straight from a computer.  They said that you HAVE to upload it to a server in order to view it.  I've never heard of that for other video and web applications.  That's so odd...  So I wasn't expecting anything like that at all.  I told them that it would probably be a good idea to make that much more apparent to people since most of us like to test our content BEFORE we upload it.  The uploading process takes long enough.  We don't want to spend all that time uploading and then see that something doesn't work right.  Hopefully they make that apparent in the future.  But he did give me instructions on how to access a local server just using your computer, not going to a free website hosting company or anything.


      Here are the instructions on how to access your local host on the computer.  This has to be done using a Windows computer or a Windows partition like I have.  I don't know the instructions on how to do it for a Mac.  I hope these instructions make sense and help you, motvsonofjack.


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      Local Host - Windows internal server:


      - Go to Control Panel/Programs and Features

      - On left hand side, click 'Turn Windows features on or off'

      - Go to option 'Internet Information services'. Click box beside it (Options selected after clicking plus button should be 'Web Management Tools' and 'World Wide Web Services')

      - Open Internet Explorer and type in address bar: localhost to check if server is working

      - Go to Computer/Local Disk (C:)/inetpub/wwwroot

      - Create new folder here and name it whatever you want (ex. deploy)

      - Paste files into this folder (ex: Flash Catalyst 'deploy-to-web' folder contents)

      - Go to Internet Explorer and type in address bar: localhost/nameofcreatedfolder(ex:deploy)/main.html(or whatever file you want to play)

      - Website should run