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    advice needed for a new Adobe Premiere user



      I'm super new to Adobe Premiere. I'm taking a Cinematography class this semester and I'm trying to build my first system for video editing. I'm looking at film-making as a future career, so I need to get a system that can very easily be upgradeable.

      Thanks so much!

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          Garylee53 Level 1

          I am not sure what your confidence level is with regards to building your own system.  I was planning on doing the same thing recently.  Actually I'm almost positive that I could have done it.  However, I was following the posts of one of the posters here.  He was building a system quite similar to what I wanted.  I'm sure he is much more competent with computer systems than I but I read a lot, did a lot of research, and am somewhat mechanically inclined.  He ended up with an issue at the end of his build.  Not sure how he finally got it resolved but that is not the point.  My point is that if that were to have happened to me then who would I call for help?  That is not to say I couldn't have drawn on the experts on this forum that never cease to amaze me with their supreme knowledge. I'm sure they have helped hundreds in the same way.  I got cold feet and decided to look for someone to build my system.  I chose ADK. They come highly recommended by the folks on this forum.  Best decision I made.  My system is built with the new 3930 intel processor with 32 GB of Ram. You should at least check them out.  go to their website or contact Scott at 4daw@adkproaudio.com.  Peace of mind was worth it to me.  With my system, I am happier than a clam at high tide.


          Good luck,


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            technicium Level 1

            thank you, Gary. Any input is greatly appreciated.