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    PDF popup, in FireFox, without being prompted


      Hello, I am using Windows XP Pro, SP3, fully patched and updated. My Adobe Reader is version 9.5.0. I am currently using FireFox 3.6.25, but this problem has been affecting my computer for the last year and a half, and happens with newer versions of FireFox, up to and including version 8. I downloaded a PDF file of an air compressor users manual and saved a copy to a folder on my desktop (where I store all of my PDF files). 

      Now, whenever my FireFox browser is up and running, this PDF file will pop up every three hours, or so. It will initially pop up about ten minutes after the browser is started, and then about three hours after I close the reader program. It, neither the file, nor Adobe Reader, asks for permission to run, the PDF file, just comes up fully formed and running in Reader.

      I have search in my Reader preferences/options/setting and can’t find any setting, control, action, button or choice that allows me to stop this pop up behavior. I can move the file to another location on my “c” drive, move it to another hard drive altogether, or even rename it, all to no avail, the popup behavior remains.

      Is this a Adobe “problem”, or setting, a FireFox problem (as it only happens when the FireFox browser is running), or something else I am not aware off? Thanks for any help, in advance!!

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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          Could you please let me know the following details:


          1. Is the issue happening with other PDFs as well or only with this specific PDF?

          2. Does the PDF only prop up while using FireFox or does the issue also happen with other browsers such as IE as well?

          3. Would it be possible for you to share the path of the PDF, so that I can verify the behavior at my end as well.

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            dgruber06 Level 1

            Hello Ankit, and thanks for help:


            This behavior only happens with this one PDF, no others, and I have hundreds saved to the same folder.

            Speak of the devil, as I was typing the first sentence of this email, it popped up. My FireFox browser is set to start when I boot my computer, and that happened about ten minutes ago.


            I rarely use IE and never use any other browser. When I do use IE it is only for those websites that still don't function properly with FireFox, and I generally get there via a FireFox add-on that opens a version of IE within the FireFox browser. Also on rare occasions, I will open IE directly to view my daughters school grades, again because that website doesn't handle FireFox properly. In any case, whenever I use IE, I only keep that tab or browser running for a very short period of time, just long enough to capture my data needs, generally less than five minutes, then shut it down,........ But, I don't recall this PDF behavior ever happening with the IE usage.


            Here are the PDF's Document Properties:


            Under the Description tab:



                1.. File : Tecumseh_replacement_parts-7.pdf

                2.. Title: parts book.indd

                3.. Author: (blank)

                4.. Subject: (blank)

                5.. Keywords: (blank)

                6.. Created: 4/19/2005 9:00:26 AM

                7.. Modified: 10/31/2005 8:52:35 AM

                8.. Application: Adobe InDesign CS (3.0.1)


                1.. PDF Producer: Adobe Library 6.0

                2.. PDF Version: 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x)

                3.. Location: C:\Documents and Settings\.....Temp\

                4.. FIle Size: 2.18 MB

                5.. Page Size: 8.50 x 11.00 in

                6.. Tagged PDF: Yes

                7.. Number of Pages: 50

                8.. Fast Web View: Yes

            Under the Security tab:


              Document Security

                1.. Security Method: No Security

                2.. Can be Opened by: All versions of Acrobat

              Document Restrictions Summary:

              (everything is allowed except Document Assembly, Commenting, Signing, and Creation of Template Page)


            Under the Fonts Tab: .......


            Under the Advanced tab:

              PDF Settings:

                1.. Base URL: (blank)

                2.. Search Index: (blank)

                3.. Trapped: No (greyed out)

              Print Dialog Presets: (all greyed out)

                1.. Page Scaling: Default

                2.. Duplex Mode: Simplex

                3.. Paper Source by Page Size: No

                4.. Print Page Range: (blank)

                5.. Number of Copies: (dropped down box)

              Reading Options:

                1.. Binding: Left Edge

                2.. Language: (blank)


            Tell me about, and how to do it:

            If I understand your request, it means remotely accessing my computer's drives to observe the PDF's behavior, program settings and preferences, registery settings, etc. I am not comfortable doing that, as my computer has a large amount of proprietary business information and personal financial information. If there is information I can pass on to you manually, or if I can contact you when the behavior happens, that would be OK.


            Thanks again for your help.






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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

              Could you please try and uninstall Firefox completely (if possible remove all settings when prompted to do so) and re-install the latest version of the same and see if it solves the problem.


              Also, what I meant was for you to provide me with the online link\website from where you had downloaded the PDF onto your local system, so that I can see the same at my end.

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                dgruber06 Level 1

                Hello again,


                Though I could uninstall FireFox AGAIN, I've done that through several of the newer versions. 1) it didn't stop the behavior, and 2) I found that I didn't like the newer versions gui interface, layout, or change of user-adaptible functions. And many of the add-ons I use everyday have not been upgraded to the newer versions of FireFox.


                I have found it nearly impossible to get back to the exact way my system is setup right now, as it relates to FireFox, so I think I would rather put up with the obnoxious behavior of that one PDF, and as far as the newest version, I really don't want to take the hours it would require for me to go through the setup of the brower and search, install and configure the available add-ons. I do that with my daughter's computer as each new version of FireFox comes out, and even that is a pain.


                As noted in my first forum/blog email, this behavior has been going on for almost two years now. When I tried to find the link, every attempt was met with a 404 error or worse. I don't believe that going the reverse route is going to prove useful.


                Oh well, that's what I have for now. Thanks for trying.


                Darryl G