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    Ensuring Acceptable Luma and Chroma Range for Broadcast

    cowboymustache Level 1

      Can anyone send me in the right direction for proper and professional workflows for this? I am usually supplying work to other productions companies, who handle the final CC for broadcast, but I am dealing directly with networks on my current project and have been working in 32-bit Open EXR so I need to make sure I'm OK when I deliver in 8-bit. I specifically need it limited to 16-235 Luma, 16-240 Chroma, which seems standard enough form my research. The final output is all still 32-bit in AE, so I was trying to get the all the limits in the right place as I converted down to the 8 bit delivery. Not sure if that's possible? I'm obviously a little green on the technical aspects of digital color, thought I a familiar with the broad concepts in general....