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    Splitting totals

    ParreLaws Level 1

      Can someone assit me the following. Depending on the group that is selected (Principal, Teacher or Student) in the top  table (Jan) the total would calculate splitting the groups out as shown in the bottom table.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Pretty hard without the exact field names and values.


          A possible picture of the the is of little use, even if I could see it.


          There are some interesting ways in JavaScript to code the solution but field names, structure and values becomes important.

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            ParreLaws Level 1

            There are 6 columns in the first (Jan) table


            Container     Red     Yellow     Blue     Group     Total


            Under each of the colors a number value is input, these fields names are Red1 through Red17 and the same for Yellow and Blue. Then under Group are Drop Down fields with three choices (Principal, Teacher and Student) the field names are Group1 through Group 17. The Total column is the the sum of the colors across and the field names are Total1 through Total 17.


            There are 5 columns in the second table


            Month     Principal     Teacher      Student     Total


            The field names are PrincipalJan through PrinciaplDec and the same is true for Teacher and Student. What I would like to happen is once the Jan table is complete the second table would separate the totals for each group (Principal, Teacher, Student) If you can see the image below I manually put the numbers in under the Principal, Teacher, and Student columns.


            Thanks for your assistance


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