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    Spark TextInput field fontSize fails severely on iPad

    DrunkCyclist Level 1

      Also see the form post here because it is a related issue...


      Except for that in My case I am trying to use a TextInput field...


      <s:TextInput id="usernameInput" left="225" top="47" width="355" height="55"

                           borderVisible="false" contentBackgroundAlpha="0"

                           fontFamily="Omnes-Semibold" fontSize="25" color="#FFFFFF"

                           enabled="true" tabIndex="1" focusIn="textFieldChangeListener(event)" focusOut="textFieldChangeListener(event)"/>


      The problem is that whenever you publish an IPA file from the build, clicking on a TextInput with the iPad causes the font size to change to something like 200px+++++ (you can only see the tops of the letters) — when the TextInput loses focus the font size changes back to "25" like it is supposed to be.


      Nobody in our whole company can figure out what is going on here.


      I also cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the TextInput fontSize property using actionscript to FORCE it to be "25" when the field gains focus.


      Has anyone else had this issue?


      I either need to know how to change the fontSize property with actionscript or another way to solve this issue.

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          DrunkCyclist Level 1

          We've tried so many ways of fixing this issue and nothing works. Setting up an event listener for focus_in and focus_out to explicitly set the font size as suggested in another thread does not work.


          I created TextInput fields, sized, and set up correctly in the Flash IDE and exported them to my swc library of UI assets and it still does not work.


          The font inside of the text field becomes GIGANTIC when you tap on the field to enter text (so large that only the very tops of characters are visible) — so large it would be the equivalent of entering "200"+ as a fontSize attribute.


          When the field loses focus, the fonts snap back to their intended specified size.

          This DOES NOT happen in the emulator, but when it is built into an IPA. The whole process to debug this issue is ridiculous — as we have to check in the code to SVN, which then does an automatic code check and release build, then we have to get the release build IPA onto the iPad and THEN (about 15+ minutes later) can see if a couple lines of code did anything to fix the problem.


          I've gone through this process about 6 times today in an attempt to debug this issue and NOTHING works.


          Has anyone else had this issue?


          In my opinion Adobe products have turned into complete GARBAGE since they finally established a quasi monopoly over the creative software tools industry — and Flash Builder in my limited experience is by far the biggest piece of trash in the collection. Even seasoned developers who are on my team agree with me — but we chose the AIR environment so we could roll out applications across the web / android / and ios without having to maintain completely different codebases.


          But my humble opinion aside — it would be nice if there was someone out there who experienced the same issue and knows the answer to fix it. I'd greatly appreciate any insight.

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            DrunkCyclist Level 1

            After trying to specify the font specs in the MXML attributes of a TextInput field (which failed), using a CSS declaration to speicify the size (which failed), adding event listeners to force the fontSize attribute for the focus_in and focus_ out events (which failed), and create explicitly sized text fields in the Flash IDE with the font embedded and exported to a SWC library and using THAT instead of a TextInput spark component (which also failed) I give the "f" up.


            I've never used a bigger piece of junk than Flash Builder in my entire career.


            Just add this bug to the long bucket list of bugs in Adobe software that they could care less about since they reached a position in the marketplace where they don't have to since they bought out all of their competition a few years back...