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    Create New page Based on XML Node


      I have a project for a client and am not sure if this is possible.


      We have a catalog with 3 different page layouts. What they are wanting is to create the entire catalog on the fly from an XML file pulled from the Database.


      So the question is, is it possible to create a new pages (including frames, tables, etc) for a specific XML node, or if I create 3 master pages, can I copy the layout of a particular master page and insert it into the document when it gets to a specific node and populate it with XML data?


      I just finished going through the scripting guide for CS5, and they allude to it in there, but never say if it is actually possble or give any examples.


      Does anyone know if it is possible and if so can you give me an example, either in vbscript or javascript.


      Thank you.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Two approaches:

          1.  InDesign's XLM import. This works as long as everything is a single story and you have inline/anchored objects for your graphics.

          2.  Scripting. You can read an XML file in and do absolutely anything you want with it. Infinite flexibiltiy and yet you'll have to write it yourself.


          I'd strongly recommend you look at some of the 3rd party XML catalog plugins.

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            BigGunN Level 1


            thank you for your reply.  I have looked at some of the catalog plugins, but none of them would quite do what we are looking for.  Aside from that, the powers that be would prefer that we do it in house.


            XML import does not work the way we want it to.  I am currently pursuing the scripting avenue, hence my question posted here.  I believe after trial and error spent today I believe the answer to my question is yes it is possible, however, what I was hoping for was something in the way of an example to make it happen, as I have yet to figure it out.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              That's really really open-ended. You can search around for examples and probably find some, though you may be better off posting a concrete desire and hoping someone shows you how it is done.