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    Changing audio levels crashes CS5

    jgreeson Level 1

        I am really frustrated with trying to adjust audio levels in a long project in Premiere CS5.  It has been crashing frequently but only while I'm trying to adjust audio levels, the video demands during these edits are not much.  But it has crashed quite often with an Nvidia Open GL error code 6.   I contacted Nvidia and they gave me an alternate driver that seemed to help for a while, but now that I'm focusing on editing just the audio levels of this documentary I'm experiencing pretty frequent crashes.


         Any suggestions on what is going on?  I'm running this on a PC with an i7 processor with 24Gigs of Ram and an Nvidia GT 560ti video card.




      Jim G

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          Stephen_Spider Level 3

          Are you running audio out of your HDMI?


          I think Nvidia Open GL errors are graphical\dispay errors. I 've only seen it when a video cards memory is too low for the task at hand.

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            jgreeson Level 1

            No I am not intending to run audio out my HDMI, I think my monitor is connected using the DVI port and not the HDMI port of the video card anyway. 


            The tech support guy from Nvidia said that the Open GL error could be related to audio as well as video, but I didn't really understand his explanation when I asked him about this.


            Thanks - Jim G

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Jim G,


              While the Open GL error certainly does point to the video driver (which number/date do you have installed, and what OS are you running?), I would also update your audio driver, just to be safe.


              Good luck,



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                jgreeson Level 1

                I think I've discovered an interesting thing about these frequent crashes while editing audio levels on my Windows PC running Windows 7 Pro.   Today I've not had any crashes while editing audio, but I've been careful to not do it by clicking ont he "rubber band" in the audio clip directly.  Rather I've been editing it in the Effect Controls window just by adding, moving or changing the values of key frames for the audio clip.  This has worked fine so far (at the risk of jinxing it). 

                   If the crashes are really a result of one method of editing vs. another that it seems points the finger at the Adobe CS5 programming, rather than a driver or some Nvidia related element.


                Thanks for your suggestions.


                - Jim G

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  You could well be right, but as the "rubberband" is drawn in the GUI, I would not rule out video drivers just yet. If it IS a coding issue, I would think that this forum would be filled with other posts about those crashes. Now, I almost always use Audio Mixer, or Keyframe Volume in the Effects Control Panel, so never touch the rubberbands, except by accident.


                  Glad that you at least have a workflow, but it would be very interesting to find out the cause.


                  Though it should have zero bearing on your issue, similar used to happen, when one went to do some editing of SmartSound compositions. SmartSound rewrote their code, and got that fixed, about CS 3, IIRC.


                  Good luck,