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    Cannot export facing pages to single pages

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      I have a 60+ page document that I created in facing pages. It's a magazine, so I had to work in spread because many of the graphics span two pages.


      My problem is that I've been asked to make the final PDF a "single page" file-- no spreads. Each page has to be on its own.


      I tried turning off facing pages under "document setup" but it did not split up the graphics that spanned two pages (ie, I have a header that covered two pages, and when I turn off "facing pages," the header is attached to the "left" page and the space where the right half of the graphic should be is missing from the "right" page. I understand that it is one object, but there should be a way for it to "split").


      I can't find any other way to turn export to single pages. I either export it to PDF and get "spreads" (two facing pages somehow made into one long page) or I lose half my content.


      I would appreciate any help-- this is a huge headache and rather time sensitive.






      (By the way, I had this issue once before, when I was more inexperienced. What I did was save two versions of the file: one with facing pages, and one with facing pages turned off. I then copied the "spread" from the "facing-pages file" and pasted it onto the "right hand" page of the non-facing-pages file (this is the part that cut off the graphcis that spanned two pages). I'm not sure if I explained that very well. This is obviously clunky, takes a LOT of time and memory space (causing my system to slow down a lot), and I wound up with a couple of headers that were a couple milimeters off.  I have a feeling that I am totally missing something-- I think that having to design in spread mode and have the finished file in single pages would be a common thing to do.)

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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Are you exporting to PDF (Print)?  There is a tick box there for spreads, untick it and you'll be away.  If you are exporting to PDF (Interactive) there is a tick box there too but it's broken, do a google for "Indesign Secrets Interactive PDF Spreads" and you'll find an article about it.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            I'm starting to see a trend where newer users seem not to grasp the concept of what is a "page," and what is a spread. A page is the layout unit you specify in Document Setup, whether arranged as facing or non-facing. A spread is any page, or group of pages that are viewed side-by-side (the first page of a book is laid out as a single-page spread, for example, with two-page spreads following). Spreads are built from pages and are a convenient method for working, allowing you to see what a reader will see in a finished printed publication and work on related pages in one view, but they don't have magical powers to alter the page size just because you are looking at two pages together.


            Pages in spreads remain independent pages. They can be moved to to new locations without moving their mates, and when you print or export (except interactive PDF in CS5 or later) by default you get single pages, regardless of how they might be arranged on screen. You set up documents as facing pages both to view the spreads as a unit while you work, and to be able to create "handedness" in the layout, that is pages that are distinctly left or distinctly right, based on the page number. This means you can have different margins or headers and footers, or other objects like color bars on the two halves of your spread, and that those things can be put on the master pages to apply automatically.


            If you start out using facing pages, your default master page is a two-page spread that accommodates this handedness. If you later go to Document Setup  and uncheck the Facing Pages box to break the spreads apart you also lose the ability to use the left-hand side of your master page and, and if there is any asymmetry in your layout it will be lost, and your document will be destroyed, so unchecking facing pages before export is both unnecessary and a very bad thing to do.


            As Stix has said, if you are exporting PDF for print, there is nothing special at all you need to do to get single pages. Just be sure you haven't checked the spreads box. Interactive is a bit different. The checkbox was apparently omitted by design with the default state set to export spreads (sometimes the engineers don't fully understand how we work as designers), but there are two approaches to solving the spreads problem to export single pages to interactive PDF. The script he mentioned is easy and convenient and changes the state of the missing checkbox, and is probably all you want, but it's also possible to "split" a spread into individual left and right one-page spreads, and they will export that way regardless of the state of the check box. The method is described at InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Breaking Pages Apart to Bleed Off a Spine


            The one caution, though, in using the split spreads, is that objects that cross the spine are on one page or the other when you are done, not on both pages, so you must copy them and Paste In Place where they are missing the opposite side.

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              Veritatis_Splendor Level 1

              Well, I'm certainly the definition of a newer user. And I'm teaching myself, so I really appreciate the explanation.


              Exporting to PDF (Print) solved my problem (originally it was unticked but still exported as spreads, but after I turned that setting off and then on again it worked... that was weird but at least I got what I needed. ) I'll just add the interactivity in with Acrobat (thankfully I only had a couple buttons in there).