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    M&A Tool


      Hi guys,


      I am trying to build an application that uses mergermarket.com and capitalIQ as database sources. I have subscription to these, would you please guide me if I can dig these databases using an application built on flex? or is there any other platform that would be more suitable (NetBeans?). If yes, could you please guide me to the tutorial which deals with this issue so I can do some verification before kicking off?


      I would also like to know if Flex can create editable PDFs. For example, sourcing information from various databases and producing a pdf which can be edited further. A live example on this would be helpful.






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          Andrew Blair

          As you know, Flex is a client-side tool. Your data exists on the server, in two places. Flex/Flash/HTML clients conventionally consume 3rd party data using some kind of web service which would most likely be plain text and formatted as XML or JSON. The most popular contemporary service would be called a RESTful service.

          Therefore, your question should really be, "does mergemarket and capitalIQ provide a RESTful web service API?". If so, then you can happily use Flex to consume it. Now that you have the right question, you're better off googling or asking on a forum since this is no longer an Adobe-specific question.




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            pranavbhalla Level 1

            Thanks for the help Andrew, I guess there would be contractual complications in that case with the database companies.