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    cxtra sendmail

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      I am developing a simple program where visitors at our Museum can make stop-motion animation and have the option to e-mail a short avi clip to a friend of family member. I figured everything out thanks to your help on this form.


      The problem is using sendMail xtra by cXtras.net.  The xtra is now public domain but there are no examples and the instruction is cryptic.  Especially about the command cXtraSendMailGetDefaultAccount.  I tried [#host:"smtp.gmail.com", #User:"naj@gamil.com"] but I keep getting script error ("wrong number of parameters").  without samples it is hard to figure this out.  Here is the description from cXtra.net about this command :


      Get the default account from the registry in this format : [#host:"smtp.something.com", #User:"TheUserName"]

      (Use the value() lingo command to convert the string to list)

      This method works if the user uses OutLook Express, for any other mail client, you should ask the user to give his infos.



      any help??


      many thanks,



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I would guess that you don't supply any parameters and that the result of the call is formatted as suggested. That is:

          tList = value( cXtraSendMailGetDefaultAccount() )
          put tList

          However, I also expect that you may get garbage (or nothing) back unless the user is running Outlook Express.

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            GCMMuseum Level 1

            Still having lot of trouble.  here is what I am sending


            On mouseup me

              put cXTraSendMailNewMail("alnajjarr@gmail.com","brownstamp@gmail.com","test video")

              cXtraSendMailAddText("this message is sent to you from VideoCap")


              put cXtraSendMailSend ()



            and get this:


            -- 1

            -- "530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. e48sm21831291yhm.12"


            which means the message is correctly formatted.  The second line means nothing to me!!  The smtp and user name is directly from my account setting in Outlook.


            Is there an easier way (and still free) of sending e-mail with attachements from Director?



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              For the record, I figured out what the problem was.  Sending messages directly from the xtra without an smtp server is problematic since many servers such as gamil don't use port 25 and require TLS or other encryption.  so, in order to make this work, you need to send your message through a server such as roadrunner or another ISP.  this worked!