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    Video playback on Adobe Premiere Elements 8 no longer works


      Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS

      Lenovo T420

      i5 Second Gen Proc

      8GB RAM

      Premiere Elements 8.0

      Latest Version Update and Driver Update Installed

      Majoirty of video pulled from Flip Camera

      What other information is necessary?


      I've been working on a video for the last couple of months, and have about 15 minutes of footage.  Recently when I opened up the project to work on the last 25% the playback feature stopped working (no sound or audio when play is pressed).  I noticed that background rendering was disabled so I re-enabled it, but I am still facing the same problem.  I've saved my video in several formats including AVI in hopes that I will be able to finish it at a later date.  I am only slightly technical, so please don't waste your time correcting me (I'm sure I've made several mistakes and provided information that is not pertainent to the issue at hand)!  Just looking for help, so I can finish my project.

      Thank you in advance!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First, turn off Background Rendering. That feature was so problematic, Adobe removed it from later releases of the program.


          Second, are there red lines above any of the footage on your timeline? If so, press Enter to render your timeline. When those red lines turn green, you should see greatly improved performance.


          Finally, are you seeing red lines above your clips as soon as you add them to your timeline? If so, your project is improperly set up for your video, and you're going to continually struggle with in. In version 9 of the program, Adobe added project settings specifically for working with footage from Flip camcorders. If you're working with a lot of footge from the Flip (and considering that you're working on Windows 7 64-bit) I highly recommend you consider upgrading to version 10. You'll see an amazing improvement in performance with your workflow all around!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            You state:


            Latest Version Update and Driver Update Installed

            Do you mean your video and audio drivers"


            What is the make/model of your video card/chip, and also your audio card/chip?


            What are the number/date of your audio and video drivers?


            Did you check on the mfgr's. Web site, to see if you have the latest drivers, or did you rely on Windows to tell you? Windows will likely be off by at least 6 - 12 mos., and hence, totally incorrect.


            Good luck, and please let us know more, especially aobut the audio and video drivers.



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              Heathj2 Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              I turned the Background Rendering featuring off, and pressed enter on the timeline to render the footage (most of the clips that were red turned green - 2 clips remained red, and I later removed them from the timeline entirely).  Unfortunately, the playback feature still does not work (no video or audio when the play button is pressed).  When I add new clips there are red lines above them, but keep in mind this was working for 4 months with multiple Flip video files with no issue.  I may eventually migrate to the last version, but I'd like to figure out why the playback feature decided to stop working first.



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                Heathj2 Level 1

                Hi Bill,


                I've added some details below including the Lenovo part number.  I recently added 4GB of RAM, but the non functioning playback was an issue prior to the memory boost.


                Part Number - 4178-9RU

                Video - Intel HD Graphics 3000 in processor

                Audio - High Definition (HD) Audio, Conexant 20672 codec

                Chipset - Mobile Intel QM67 Express Chipset



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  OK, that Intel graphics chip, and its driver, could be part of the problem. I would go to the Lenovo Web site, and see if they have newer video driver available. If so, I would install that. If they do not, then check out the Intel site for a newer driver.


                  PrE interfaces very, very closely with the video driver, and even a simple OS update, or hot-fix, can render the video driver obsolete instantly. That is why companies like nVidia and ATI/AMD issue so many driver updates - about one per month.


                  While you are checking drivers, check Realtek and see if they have a newer audio driver too.


                  That things once worked, but not longer do, points to something changing, such as an OS update.


                  Also, take a look at this ARTICLE, which starts as a checklist to get PrE working its best, then goes into detail on tuning one's hardware, and OS, and finally troubleshooting.


                  Good luck,



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                    Heathj2 Level 1



                    Thanks for your insight on this.  Updating Lenovo's reccomeneded drivers and windows updates fixed my playback issues. 


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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news, and actually much better than I had expected - kudos to Lenovo!


                      Video (and audio) drivers are very fragile things. In regular computing, they are only moderately important, but with programs, like PrE, 3D and CAD apps., the program must interface very deeply with the video driver, and it must be stout. There are many things that can "break" the video driver, and a common one is OS updates. Most Windows OS's are still set on the default update options - fully automatic. This takes place behind the scenes, and the user is seldom aware that the OS has been updated at all. Suddenly, a program like PrE stops working correctly, while most other programs seem to be just fine. Immediately, the user looks to PrE, which is **** just what it did before the OS update - running perfectly fine, but between the program and the Video sub-system, that driver has broken, so things go wrong.


                      One workaround is to use a System Restore Point, from before the OS update that broke the driver, BUT OS updates are a very, very good thing. Catch-22, if one cannot install an updated driver, that works well with the update status of the OS.


                      Glad that you found a better solution - new and improved video driver. While you are at it, you might want to check for a new audio driver too, as they are just as fragile, and can bring PrE to its knees.


                      Good luck,



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