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    Mercury Playback engine problem?


      I am using a Gtx 560 TI Overclock edition. My Problem is, when i turn on CS5.5 i cant choose it to use hardware on Video rendering and playblack, its grayed out ( its said software on the black ) so i cant change it at all, im worried that all this time ive been using my i5-2400's HD 2000 for video editing. I have not yet done any hardcore editing, rending time was not slow but usually my video were only 5-6mins long and export was not bad at all too. So is my Gtx working or is it using my procie's video card? I tried the Hack where you open a file in adobe premier in put your GPU on the list but was not sure if that work. I typed in Geforece GTX 560 TI with OC and without did not work the option for mercury ending is still grayed out. I am downloading CUDA drivers now that might help.