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    New to Flash Pro: Frames and Scenes help!


      Hello! I am new to Flash Pro and am currently making a simple platformer game for a school project.


      I have already created the game, but at this point just want to add a title menu and/or a preloader. The problem is, is I don't even know where to begin. I know how to make the actual menu and preloader, but just making different states in the game seems a little tricky (one for the preloader, which launches the start menu, which then runs the game script.), and I haven't found any tutorials online about this (maybe because this is simple..?). Anyways, how should I create these "states" for the menu / game / preloader? As I said, i am new to Flash Pro, should I use frames, scenes, or just some code? Im sorry if this is a bit confusing, I am still learning the flash lingo



      --Thanks for your time!