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    symbols not animated in exported video flash cs4 on windows 7


      I am running Flash CS4 professional of windows 7 with 4gb of memory.

      I can export the animation as SWF with symbols animating but there is a problem with each of the video formats.


      With AVI with windows compression or cinepak I get a playable video file BUT the animation behaviour of the symbols is not there. 


      With no compression I get an unplayable video file.

      I would prefer to use no compression to have better quality.


      I used to be able to export animations working OK in video formats up until a few weeks ago.

      The only thing that has changed is that I've using kapersky anti virus when I was using AVG before that.


      Has anyone seen the problem of symbols not animating on exported video

      Does anyone know how to resolve the problem of the symbols not animating in exported AVI?

      Does anyone know of a conflict with CS4 & Kapersky?



      el Iyawo