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    ADE for nook tablet


      I downloaded ADE for my Nook Tablet and it doesnt see my nook. My laptop did install the drivers. I have windows 7. I open the ADE and authorized my nook. Not sure what to try to fix this

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I'm having a problem understanding what you wrote.  What model of Nook are

          you calling a 'tablet'?  Did you download ADE onto a Nook?  Nooks, Nook

          Color and Nook Touch are supported.  You need to look in the Supported

          Devices section of the ADE Help files (CLICK


          Do you have one of those?



          If I make some assumptions about your situation, I will assume Windows 7

          (that's clear), one of the supported Nooks, and that you went to the Adobe

          website, registered there, got an Adobe ID and password, THEN downloaded

          ADE onto your Win 7 computer.  I don't know what you mean by 'my laptop

          installed the drivers;, because there are none that I'm aware of.


          Please clarify, so we can try to figure out whether you have a Windows 7

          problem, a device that's not supported by ADE or just a process issue in

          performing the steps to get both devices to talk to each other.



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            I have a nook tablet software version 1.4.1 Model number BNTV250. My laptop is a Dell Gateway. I want to take my songs from my laptop and send them to my nook tablet. When I connect the USB cable my laptop does not see my nook. The ADE downlaoded from Adobe onto my laptop doesnt see the nook either. I was able to install quicktime and convert my songs to load onto my IPOD. So i figure I should be able to do the same with my nook.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              If your computer doesn't see your Nook, then ADE won't either.  Let's start

              with a question: did you register your Nook with B&N?  You need to do so in

              order for the Nook to interface with ADE.


              If you have not registered it, then when you go to their website to do so,

              use your Adobe ID and password - it makes it simple for ADE to connect to

              the Nook.



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                TravisJH Level 1

                not sure how my name changed to travis jh?


                yes my nook is registered with B&N.

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  Hmmm....  Try going back to B&N's tech support and ask them if there is a

                  way you can reset your Nook's ID - to your Adobe ID....