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    kernelbase.dll error

    24ctufan Level 1

      I Keep Getting An Error During The Release Build Of My App That Says Its A Kernelbase.dll Error In Flash Builder 4.6. Anyone Know How To Get Rid Of This?Flash Builder App Export Error.png

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          Marko Pelovic Level 1

          I have the same error.

          The wierd is that the log file doesn't exists.

          Anyway I try everything... to reinstal my Flash Builder, reinstall all versions of java. I even try to make Xmx and Xms bigger size.. but nothing... still got the error.


          If I create new project... then everything works fine... Export Release Build work very well,

          but if I try to Export Release Build for my large project... then this error comes up.

          I look at my code and no find any errors...

          Build for android works as well, the error comes up when I try to build for iOS.


          Please Adobe - give us help how to fix this.

          Thank you