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    Inserting filename and page numbers into multiple PDF files?


      Have since seen this thread, BUT still interested in the syntax of the code

      to insert filename and page # into multiple files:



      Good Evening (GMT!)


      I have approx 100 PDFs with one or two pages in each, they are English translations

      of Russian language test certificates and the formatting/feel of the originals is lost in

      the translations. The only real link between the two sources is the "_RUS" and "_ENG"

      filename suffixes and the common leading filenames otherwise. Thus I need to maintain

      a record of the filename in any page I print off, should there be a need to refer back to

      the original if the translation is open to artistic licence.


      I have a script (below) that happily adds a page x/y and filename into the active file,

      what I would like is to be able to do this insertion into multiple files as defined by a

      portfolio or a selection via a select files dialogue box


      I am quite out of my depth now as my past skirmishes with JavaScript have set

      cookies and tweaked a few other browser doodads in webauthoring


      Any help most appreciated on this one...


      Kind Regards


      Dr B




      NB the filename inserted may be corrupted as a result of my last tweakings

      will sort that one out ASAP....





      // SetRemoveFooter

      // Modified as marked

      // Menu item generation


      app.addSubMenu({ cName: "Footer",cUser: "Set/Remove Complex Footer", cParent: "File", nPos: 20 });



      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Set Filename", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "SetFooter(1)"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: " -> Set Date .... centered", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "SetFooter(2)"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: " -> Set Date .... right", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "SetFooter(3)"});

      //add page x of y





      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Set Page ", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "SetFooter(4)"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Set Both", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "SetFooter(5)"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "-------------------------------", cParent: "Footer",cExec: "{}"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Remove Both", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "RemoveFooter(5)"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Remove Date Time (Filename)", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "RemoveFooter(1)"});


      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Remove Page", cParent: "Footer", cExec: "RemoveFooter(4)"});




      //Set/remove Footer


      function SetFooter(ARG)



      var re = /.*\/|\.pdf$/ig;


      var FileNM = + this.path.replace(re,"")+".pdf";


      var Path = this.path;


      var AcDate = new Date();

      var AcDateFormat = "dd/mm/yyyy"


      var Box2Width = 100


      for (var p = 0; p < this.numPages; p++)




      var aRect = this.getPageBox("Crop",p);


      var TotWidth = aRect[2] - aRect[0]


      if (ARG<=3 || ARG==5)


      {var fd = this.addField("xftDate", "text", p, [30,15, TotWidth-30-30,30]);


      //print output?


      fd.value = util.printd(AcDateFormat, AcDate) + " (" + FileNM +")";


      fd.textSize=12; fd.readonly = true;


      if (ARG==1){ fd.alignment="left" };


      if (ARG==2){ fd.alignment="center" };


      if (ARG==3){ fd.alignment="right" };




      if (ARG==4 || ARG==5)


      {var bStart=(TotWidth/2)-(Box2Width/2)


      var bEnd=((TotWidth/2)+(Box2Width/2))


      var fp = this.addField(String("xftPage"+p+1), "text", p, [bStart,30,bEnd,15]);

      // print output?


      fp.value = "Page: " + String(p+1)+ "/" + this.numPages;


      fp.textSize=12; fp.readonly = true;






      } }





      function RemoveFooter(ARG)




      if (ARG<=3 || ARG==5) {var x = this.removeField("xftDate");}


      if (ARG==2 || ARG==5) {for (var p = 0; p < this.numPages; p++)




      var x = this.removeField(String("xftPage"+p+1)); }


      } },