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    Glossary tab in Cyrillic and Eastern European helps


      I have problems with Glossary tab for Eastern European and Cyrillic languages (not for Western European or Asian though).
      1. If in the glossary term there is an extended character, the term definition is not displayed (just nothing is happening, when you click the term). For terms written with Western European characters, definitions are displayed.
      2. Additionally, the extended characters in all displayed term definitions are corrupt in CHM. But if the help is opened from RoboHelp (by right-click > View), the term definitions are displayed OK (no corrupted characters). The definitions in RH look OK. The extended characters in terms are displayed OK.

      Apart the problems with Glossary tab, the helps look fine. TOC and index are working, no corrupted characters, etc.
      Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix the issues?

      Thanks in advance for any advice.