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    No print dialogue popup box in Windows 7


      Hello Everyone,

      I am running Windows 7 with Adobe CS5 premium. All printers are working and printing outside of this program. I have changed

      default printers back and forward, problem still exists. I created a label for school books, and when I go to print it out, no print dialogue

      popup box appears. The print option is then greyed out until I reopen CS5. When I opening a desktop pic and open it in CS5 though

      and go to print the popup box for printing appears, but their is a wait. I also tried to save my created document as something else

      but I don't have any other options except PSD and some others I have never heard of. I have been using photoshop for sometime and

      decided to upgrade from PS7 as not many brushes and the great new stuff out there is compatible. I feel like going back to PS7.

      Can any one help me solve this, it would be appreciated. Thank you