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    Animating an iPad keyboard


      Hey there,


      I'm quite new to After Effects. I need to animate an iPad keyboard that does

      the same as the real one. I just need it to come up from the bottom and type

      a few letters. (So i need to states – pressed and not pressed).

      Does anyone know how that works? Or even better – does anyone have

      a template? Would be really great cause I only have one day left to do this :-(


      Thanks a lot for your suppot!

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The REALLY easy way with an iPad 2: buy the iPad HDMI converter and just record the iPad screen with a video capture device.


          If that's not possble, do a screen grab of the iPad keyboard (hold the power button and press the Home button), import to AE, and use masked adjustment layers to invert the key colour for key presses.  iPad keys go darker grey when pressed, so create an adjustment layer, use a round edged mask to isolate the key you want to change, apply the Invert effect, adjust until it looks right, trim and position the adjustment layer to the correct time.

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            _snickers Level 1

            thanks a lot for your reply that helped me a lot


            I think I will try to use the screen capture...would be the easiest way maybe...


            But I have one more question...I'm animating an application. In it there is

            a slider. How can I animate this navigation tool by the easiest way? It's not

            a common slider that you can drag. You get a feedback of the slider

            position by the colour...I don't get on with the masks :-( The mask has to

            be transparent but mine still has a colour don't know how to remove the

            fill colour...


            My slider look close to those ones:



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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, your image seems broken.   Can you repost it?


              Masks are a fairly essential part of motion graphics.  You need to persevere if you want to get any good at this stuff.

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                _snickers Level 1

                oh I'm sorry. Yesterday the image was there :-(


                let's have another try


                well, the slider should look close to this image. So if you drag it

                the part behind it gets grey: