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    Downloading my purchased books

    Dessy Duck

      I am new to this E Reading and havn't got a clue how to get my purchased books on to my reader.  Next to the 5 books I have purchased, there is a downland, but when I get on to the next screen, it asks me to Select a Device.  I am completely lost.  My E Reader is Miroad E71.  Are you able to help?  Once I can do this, do I down load each book individually?  Hope you can sort me out.  Vicki White.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            Welcome to the world of ebooks!  I'm not sure, however, that your first

            experiences within it are going to be great.


            I say that because there are many, many devices out there that claim that

            you can use to download and read ebooks.  Not all of them, however, are

            supported by Digital Editions (ADE).  Check out the list by clicking HERE

            <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>.  Your MiRoad

            ereader isn't on the list....


            The general process that you follow is pretty simple, actually.  To start,

            you'd go to the Adobe website on your computer, register there to obtain an

            Adobe ID and password, and then download ADE to your computer.  It will

            contain your Adobe ID and password, so that it can use this information

            when you download ebooks.  Close the process.  Next, you'd attach your

            ereader to your computer and link it to the ereader's home website.  You'll

            probably go through a registration process as well: use your Adobe ID and

            password so that it will be written to your ereader.  While you are there,

            you should check for any software updates, and download/install them to

            your ereader.  Log off the site.


            With your ereader now recognized by your computer, and loaded with your

            Adobe ID, you can start ADE.  It 'should' recognize the ereader and will

            show it on the bookshelf panel (left hand side of the Library View).  Then,

            all you have to do is to drag and drop an ebook to it.


            When you're done doing transfers, you can close ADE.  Watch your ereader -

            it will be finishing its updates and synching everything.  When it's done,

            detach it logically from your computer BEFORE you unplug it.  In Windows,

            you can find the drive letter using Windows Explorer and pick the Eject

            function from the drop-down menu when you right click on the drive letter.

            Or, you can go to the START bar's extreme right-hand side, and find the

            icon that will allow you to stop the drive letter.


            Hope this helps!