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    Page Curl sound effect and animation issue


      Hi all,


      First thing is, I'm looking to find out how to add a page turn sound effect to my InDesign doc so that when you turn the page it plays the sound. Appreciate some may consider this simple to do but I'm quite new to InDesign and can't seem to find anything online for this.


      Secondly, I've created a short animation of a fly out tab - or rather a tab that is set to fly-in from the left when you roll over it. When I simply click the corner of the page to go onto the page that has the animation it works fine, i.e. you can only see part of the fly-out that you need to roll over, but when I use the interactive page curl you can see the full tab on the page until the page is completely turned and then the tab rolls back before working correctly after that.


      Does anyone know how to make sure that the tab is not visible until the page is completely turned even when using the inetractive page curl? Oh and just to add that I have made sure that the fly in animation occurs only on roll-over and not page turn so can't see why it's not working.