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    "Max Memory Size..."

    gavrielx148 Level 1


      Is there a benefit in memory of 64 GB on 3930K CPU , where indicated it supports maximum 32GB of memory

      What is the meaning of "Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)" ?




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          JEShort01 Level 4



          Seems you were looking at Inte's site and specifications. I was not aware until your post that they do indeed claim "maximum 32GB of memory" for both this chip and it's bigger brother, the Extreme series "X" (3960X) model.


          Rest assured that 64GB is indeed working for individuals that are putting this CPU into motherboards populated w/ 8x8GB sticks and getting 64GB of memory though. Check out this thread where a poster w/ Intel logo below their name says 32GB, and then someone else says I have 64GB and it is working fine, and very fast, for video use!







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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            On a i7-39xx system 32 GB is about the optimum you would like to have. Anything more will only show marginal performance gains with PR if used as regular memory. More memory will show performance gains when:


            • using AE and dynamic linking often, or
            • when using part of the installed memory as a kind of RAM disk or for caching. For instance 32 GB for regular memory and 32 for RAM disk/caching.


            With the low prices of memory these days, it makes good sense to use 64 GB in a new to build system if you use part of it as described above.

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              gavrielx148 Level 1

              tanks Jim and Harm for the helpful answer.