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    retrieve json response and setting property as a string

    madhooper Level 1

      While debugging I'm able to see the role returned in "responseData[0].role


      What's the easiest way to take that role i.e. "Manager" and put it in a variable as a String?


      I have the following result handler to retrieve a users role i.e. "Manager", "Supervisor", "User"


      private function onEntitlementResultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void


                                    var userRoleResponse:TaskResponse = new TaskResponse(JSON.decode(event.result as String));

                                    var responseData:Object = userRoleResponse.data;

                                    var userList:Object = responseData[0].role;

                                    model.userRole = userList as String;

                                    for each (var user:Object in userList)


                                              user.role = model.userRole;





      Thanks so much for your assistance.