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    Not New, But New To Me - Adobe Reader Update takes over icons and requires an uninstall x 3


      While working I got the not unusual message "Need to update from Adobe Reader X.X.X". As usual, I clicked update. Everything went to hell!! Reader 10.2.1 was installed. Instantly, every icon in every folder that was not a Microsoft 2010 document (.docx, .xlsx, etc) changed to an Adobe Reader icon. Clicking the icon produced errors that Adobe Reader didn't know what to do with the "file". Why would it? Adobe Reader wasn't meant to run iexplorer.exe OR ANY OTHER .exe. Uninstalled it. Came here and read some posts. Tried to install 9.5 - same result. Tried to install 8.X - same result. I AM computer savvy, so what the heck?


      What's going on Adobe????? The issue has been reported as far back as 2009. What's the PERMANENT FIX? I was fine until YOU updated it.