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    How to create and set up clips?


      I think I am going about this all wrong so could use a little guidance. (Newbie).  I need to creat a Demo Reel.  It will consist of a series of clips from one DVD.  I can get the media onto my project as several VOB files, but within those, I need to break it down into a whole series of 10-30 second clips.  I want to be able to edit and arrange each of theses clips with transistions between. How do I do that?


      At the moment, I am converting my Video to a file that QuickTime reads and using that program to break it down and save it into the multiple clips I want.  Then, I bring them into Premiere to edit and arrrange. 


      Is there a better workflow?  One totally within Premiere?


      thanks for any advice,



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          My workflow for this type of Project is to Import the VOB's into the Project, and place them onto the Timeline. I do a rough edit, by using the Razor/Scissors Tool to cut each VOB (they are now extracted MPEG-2 files, and are no longer in the VOB container, after Import), Ripple Deleting (Delete and close gap), as I go. When I have pared down the material, I then go about Trimming the resulting material, until I am happy with the edit.


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          PS - Being new to PrE, this ARTICLE has some very useful learning resources.

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            lin_m Level 1

            Once I do this, I have a pretty unwieldy timeline.  Is there a way to remove these clips, and save them?  I'd like to be able to take them out, or use 2 different versions of them and maybe re-use them in another project.

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              Well yes, but with one major consideration - the format that you Export/Share to.


              The VOB contains already heavily-compressed MPEG-2 files.


              If you are going to be editing those Exported/Shared Clips, you can limit the Export/Share via the WAB (Work Area Bar), but I would choose DV-AVI as the format/CODEC. Then, just start a new DV-AVI Project, and Import those DV-AVI's into it, for additional editing.


              MPEG-2, from the VOB's, is not the ideal editing format, especially if one is going back out to DVD, as that will entail an additional MPEG-2 compression, diminishing quality, one more time.


              Good luck, and this ARTICLE goes into more detail on the WAB.