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    Having trouble making a Facebook "Like Us" plugin look good.




      I'm having troulble getting a Facebook "Like Us" link to look good on a site I built. It seems that no matter where I insert the code for the plugin it just doesn't fit or look right.


      Here's the site: http://friendsoflafayette.org/index.html


      If I put the plugin in the rightside div it extends past the box. If I put in in the footer it isn't centered. As you can tell, I'm not a master with code and aren't sure how to make this fit properly. Ideally I'd like to put it in the rightside div but is there a way to line-break the text "American Friends of Lafayette" or somehow shorten the width to make it fit the div box? Alternately, how can I center the plugin in the footer so at least it looks presentable?


      Any suggestions welcome.


      Best Regards,