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    Better UI for Unit Tests

    markdemich Level 1

      I've been doing a lot of unit tests lately.  Right now I'm working on a code converter Air app and I'm constantly creating unit tests for bugs I'm finding and running them, and debugging them when they don't work.  When I debug, it's easiest to isolate the runner to run only one test.  I know I can do that by editing the source file and typing in the test name in the core.run call.  However, I can't help by think a better UI is needed for doing this form for TestDriven Development. 


      Basically, what I think would be perfect, is to have the UI, not run the tests initially.  It should provide you with a list of tests with checkboxes.  Then give you the opportunity to select which ones you want to run, and then run them.  It should also have the ability to re-run a test.  I realize that for any code changes to take affect you would need to re-run the entire app, but a lot of times, I find myself running the same test over and over and stepping through the code with the debugger in order to figure out what's going on.  Then I eventually change the code.


      Also, the new UI should persist the last set of selected tests, and maybe have a way to store previous selections.  That would make it perfect for how I use it. 


      Does anyone agree or disagree with this?  Has someone done this already?


      BTW, the reason I'm using the stand alone runner and not the one in Flash Builder 4 is because I've run into some bugs with the FlexUnit shipped with Flash Builder 4 and there doesn't seem to be a way to get the latest FlexUnit 4.1 to work properly with Flash Builder 4.  There seems to be a way to do it with Flash Builder 4.5, but I don't have that version.