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    Additional mouse-click effects?

      Hi - I find the stock mouse-click effects ('OrangeRing' etc.) too subtle. Does anyone know of any other effects (I gather they are .swf files) available?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Welcome to the list of those who have posted and become active in the User Community, "psw11".

          The location of the visual mouse clicks is:
          C:\Program Files \Adobe\ Adobe Captivate 3\ Gallery\ Mouse\ Visual Clicks
          ... but I am sure you already knew that, as you made reference by filename to one of the files used ...

          But if you look in that folder you will not only find the SWF files, but the FLA (Flash source) files as well. Grab the one(s) you wish to expand on and open the *.FLA in Flash, then make what ever change you deem appropriate to your use.

          If you do not own Flash or do not have the skills needed to alter those files, you can use an alternative method, perhaps, to get what you want. Create a simple animated GIF, and convert it to a Flash SWF. There are multiple ways this can be done but I hope those thoughts will help you get started. If all else fails but you still want a specifically created SWF for the mouse-click visual, post a note to these forums or to the Flash User forums and offer to pay someone to do this to your specs. You should find some takers from the Flash community of users.