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    any idea for uploading big file ?

    Ali Parsa

      i am working on a website , need to upload FLV video file , the problem i have i can upload the files like jpg with the low size like 500K or 1 MB , but when i try to upload movie file with the 2-3 MB after few minute i get internal error 500. its working on my local system nice but when i try from the hosting , its going crazy.

      i use <cffile> to upload . i try <cfftp> and try to upload via ftp protocol but its same . it should not be timeout error because when i run it on my local server and change the destination to upload on hosting server insted of my local server its work perfect and upload the 3mb file in less than minute but when i run it on the hosting server nothing .


      anybody has an idea whats going on ?


      also it there any chance to have progress bar when useing <cffile > or <cfftp> ?