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    Bella Keyboard settings dropping out

    jabra27 Level 1

      Has anyone else had problems with the Bella Keyboard settings dropping out when the computer is restarted?


      I have a Bella Professional Series 3.0 (5201-A) keyboard with the Jog/Shuttle wheels that I have had for a couple years. It worked perfectly with CS3, but ever since I went to CS5, and now CS5.5, it drops out when ever I shut down. I have to re-install the drivers every time I re-start the machine.

      After that it works just fine.


      System info:

      Windows 7 Professional

      64 - bit

      16 Gig of ram

      Production Premium CS5.5

      ALL updates for OS and CS5.5


      I just put in a new HD (WD Velociraptor) for the OS and Program files and there is nothing on it except for the OS and CS5.5 so there shouldn't be anything conflicting.


      I've found that you guys know most, if not all, of the answers so I'm hoping you can help me.




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          jabra27 Level 1

          Wow, no replies.


          Okay, let me ask this then.


          Does anyone else use the Bella Professional Series 3.0 Keyboard with the Jog/Shuttle wheel? (5201-A)



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            TradeWind Level 3

            Couldn't tell you honestly....I have a "World Tech" keyboard that I won for free when PPro came out (like....version 1) and I occasionally have problems with it dropping from my KVM switch but having to reinstall a driver seems highly unusual.


            Obviously it wouldn't have anything to do with Adobe or PPro if it's a driver issue.


            You may want to try just doing a device refresh when you start up....go to the windows icon and type "Device Manager" in the box then open it up. Select keyboards (or anything, really) and then right click and choose "Check for hardware changes." Your keyboard should pop up.


            If this works, then there may be something inherently wrong with the device driver (likely that it needs to be reinstalled in a Windows XP compatibility mode). Or there may be something funky about the USB port it's plugged into. Or if you're like me and using a KVM switch, you probably bought a cheap KVM switch (also like me) and your only real solution is to buy a better one. But even that's not always gonna work. Seems like all KVM switches have to be "reset" frequently. Our enterprise switch in the server cluster used to foul up all the time and it cost almost $1,000.


            Hope that helps!

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              TradeWind Level 3

              Should also note that my particular keyboard doesn't have a jog/shuttle...it's just a standard keyboard and has no device driver of its own.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                I'm in the same boat as Christian.  I use a WorldTech keyboard without jog/shuttle and requiring no special drivers.

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                  jabra27 Level 1

                  Thanks for the suggestions. Hadn't even considered the USB port idea.


                  I'll give those a try.