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    HD video has choppy playback on timeline

    jwffvm Level 1


      New MacPro 2 X 2.93 GHz 6-Core intel Xeon

      12GBs Ram

      Nvidia Quadro 4000 2048 MB video card

      Software 10.7.2

      Video Card:  Kona 3 with 9.0.3 driver & 9.01 premier plugin

      Videodrive:  7200 RPM 2 TB internal (not the system drive)  remaining space about 750 GB

      Adobe CS 5.5 software


      I just switched from FCP 7 to CS5.5 including a new computer which I perceive is optimized for CS 5.5.  In playback my audio is choppy and dropping out some of the time, then if I stop and start the payback it will be fine, or sometimes there is no audio.  doesn't seem to be any consistencey in what will happen the next time I start playback.  On the timeline is a 1080i ProRes file I finished in FCP 7, then imported the video & audio file to Premier to make a couple of last minute changes.  Program is 50 minutes long.  I have the sequence setup as Kona 1080i compressed.  I imagine I have missed something very basic here, but don't have a clue what it could be.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Thx...Jim Watt

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          jwffvm Level 1



          I don't really think it's applicable in this particular situation.  I have just switched to PP for FCP-7.  All my FCP 7 shows are mastered in ProRes and this last one of course was too and it's the one I had to make a small change in.  I didn't see anything in the post you referred me to that suggests that PP cannot/will not play back proRes material.


          At the moment I'm screening DVCPROHD 1080i material and I'm having the same problem with choppy playback/freezes and lost audio in the viewer.  I saw a post that came from Walter Biscardi for audio setup and followed that, which did seem to help a little, but the problem still exists.  This is what i did...


          Audio...set preferences in Premier to "built in output" and also set audio mapping to same, set audio hardware to "built in output"  with caches at 1024

          set computer preferences audio output to Kona card...


          So I think this is some sort of setup that I have missed since I get identical problem with ProRes and DVCPROHD.  Any other sugestions will be most appreciated.  I'll give AJA a call tomorrow if I can't find a fix on the forum.



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            Andrey V Level 2

            Pro Res converted file don't work well on PC based PPro. If it is possible replace them with original files and edit them natively without any conversions. Otherwise you will have to struggle thru this project.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              >Pro Res converted file don't work well on PC based PPro


              The original message is about a "New MacPro" not a Windows computer

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                jwffvm Level 1

                Thanks for your note, but I'm using MacPro.

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                  Jim Curtis Level 3

                  I think with OS 10.7, you should be running version 10.x of the Kona Control Panel.


                  Don't expect your Kona experience with Pr to the the same as FCP.  Apparently, AJA did a better job of writing the driver for FCP than they did for Adobe, or specifically Pr.  There are persistent bugs in the Adobe AJA driver.  My Kona LHi works far better in FCP and Ae than in Pr.   So, yes, be sure to quiz AJA about this when you get them on the phone.


                  Pr + Kona is less than stellar.  Effects don't update through the video card after making changes, and choppy playback is almost expected.  Once it get's going, it's pretty smooth sailing, until the Auto-Save kicks in, which will interrupt playback.  Yes, it's true!


                  One thing that helps is to let Pr idle and do all it's conforming and pek files and all that jazz before trying to edit.  Don't whip the CTI back and forth and expect instant updates as in FCP.  And just expect a slower experience overall.


                  I prefer to work in a native Sequence until it's time to do a final color pass before pasting my work into an AJA Sequence to see my work on a broadcast monitor.

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                    Wil Renczes Adobe Employee

                    In case you didn't see this, Walter also has a post on his blog that mentions the newer AJA drivers (9.1, I think), which contains some performance changes, including an 'aggressive cache' toggle that you might want to experiment with.


                    http://www.biscardicreative.com/blog/2011/11/fix-to-dnxhd-quicktime-stuttering-in-premiere -pro-cs-5-5-2/