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    PS stretching my images?

    sciulli999 Level 1

      I feel like I'm missing something really obvious here, but why is PS stretching my images after I save?


      The photo below shows the original file on the canvas in PS on the bottom, and the above version is the outputted file (looks the same when I output as .png or .jpg).




      what am I doing wrong here?

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          sciulli999 Level 1

          Even if I do "Save for Web and Devices," when it shows the image in the "Original" portion of the preview box, it is already showing up as stretched there before I save.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            From what you have written and tried to show.  I can not tell what you have done or what you are showing.  Perhaps if you show us some screen captures where we can see some photoshop information like scale zoom level we may get some idea of what we are look at and may be able to give you some feedback. Did you do any resizing? If so did comstrain the transformation so the image would no distort.   Thing like free transform and image size can distort and streatch images. Tell us what processing you did to the image.

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              sciulli999 Level 1

              for some reason, "Pixel Aspect Ratio" got changed to 0.91 by default on new documents.


              I didn't realize anything was off, because I also had "Pixel Aspect Ration correction" checked on.